Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

2014 projects

Benthic processes

Benthic Biology and Ecology

Project leads: Jim Barry, Craig Okuda
Project manager: Jim Barry
Project website

The main focus of Jim Barry’s research is laboratory and field studies on the effects of ocean acidification and other climate-related changes in ocean conditions on marine animals and their physiology.

Continental Margin Processes

Project leads: Mark Chaffey, Charles Paull
Project manager: Roberto Gwiazda
Project website

This research on processes associated with continental margins and submarine canyon development will extend AUV mapping to Eel Canyon off Northern California and to the Santa Monica Basin in Southern California. Collaborative work with the Geological Survey of Canada will continue to investigate gas hydrates in the Beaufort Sea. The team will work with other MBARI researchers and engineers to develop software and moorings, and build event detectors for a coordinated canyon experiment planned for 2015.

Ocean Chemistry of Greenhouse Gases

Project leads: Peter Brewer, Bill Kirkwood
Project manager: Edward Peltzer
Project website

Peter Brewer's lab will use the mapping AUV to investigate chemical weapons disposal sites off Southern California. They also plan to conduct field experiments on microbes in Monterey Bay.

Pelagic-Benthic Coupling

Project leads: Alana Sherman, Ken Smith
Project manager: Alana Sherman
Project website

Ken Smith's team plans to extend the duration of deployment for instruments on Station M to a 12-month period. The team will investigate using the Wave Glider to communicate with the Benthic Rover and Sedimentation Event Sensor. Data from the Rover and concurrent time-lapse photography will be used to assess sediment-community oxygen consumption.

Submarine Volcanism

Project lead: Dave Caress, Dave Clague
Project manager: Jenny Paduan
Project website

Dave Clague’s team will continue to combine use of high-resolution bathymetry maps with remotely operated vehicle (ROV) dive observations and sampling in Escanaba Trough, on Axial Volcano, and other sites off Oregon.

Last updated: Jan. 23, 2014