Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

2013 projects

Midwater research

Biodiversity and Biooptics of Zooplankton

Project lead/manager: Steve Haddock

This research includes comprehensive studies of the phylogeny and systematics of ctenophores and radiolarians to enable future studies of these phyla. Steve Haddock also plans to work with the Video Lab staff and software engineers to enhance his use of the Video Annotation and Reference System (VARS).

Midwater Ecology

Project lead: Bruce Robison
Project manager: Kim Reisenbichler
Project website

Robison's midwater research group is studying oxygen consumption rates of midwater animals to determine the physiological links between animal distribution and abundance and the expansion of the oxygen minimum zone. Studies will include husbandry of deep-sea squids to determine age and growth rates and for potential Monterey Bay Aquarium exhibits.

Midwater Time Series

Project lead: Bruce Robison
Project manager: Rob Sherlock

Since 1993, MBARI has been surveying the midwater and providing quantitative analyses of the animals encountered in midwater surveys. The time-series data are used to monitor biodiversity and gauge the abundance and responses of the animals in the midwater. The expanding oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) is creating an enlarged habitat for species that are physiologically adapted to tolerate low levels of oxygen, while forcing other species to move shallower or deeper.

Moored Midwater Camera System

Project leads: Dale Graves, Henk-Jan Hoving, Bruce Robison
Project manager: Kim Reisenbichler

This project is investigating available video technology for use in a non-intrusive, automated camera system being designed and developed for the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) for midwater research. In 2013, AUV images will be compared and evaluated against video from remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Ventana.

Last updated: Feb. 03, 2015