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2012 projects

Institutional initiatives

Compact Ocean Models Enable AUV Autonomy and Adaptive Sampling

Project lead:  Jim Bellingham

The long-range AUV Tethys has the agility and the endurance to adapt sampling strategy to better characterize changing ocean processes. When the ocean changes rapidly compared to the platform-to-shore communication cycle, as for the CANON biological process experiments, onboard decision making becomes essential. To provide AUVs with the situational information to respond more efficiently, this project has focused on developing predictive ocean current models capable of being run on an AUV’s modest computer, and updated over a slow satellite link. This sets the stage for use of ocean current models on the Tethys AUV in 2012.

Controlled, Agile, and Novel Observing Network (CANON)

Project leads: Jim Bellingham, Francisco Chavez, Kanna Rajan, Chris Scholin, Ken Smith, Bob Vrijenhoek, Alexandra Worden
Project manager: Francisco Chavez
Project website

This initiative brings together the research efforts of Jim Bellingham, Francisco Chavez, Kanna Rajan, Chris Scholin, Ken Smith, Bob Vrijenhoek, and Alexandra Worden toward improved understanding of complex physical and biological ocean processes that lead to ephemeral features, such as harmful algal blooms and microbial activities that drive cycling of life-sustaining elements. Field experiments in 2012 will build on lessons learned in the 2010 and 2011 field programs, as well as further development and applications of the Environmental Sampler Processor (ESP), autonomous vehicles, adaptive sampling and control, and modeling.

The Ocean in a High CO2 World

Project leads: Jim Barry, Peter Brewer, Bill Kirkwood
Project manager: Ed Peltzer
Project website

This project coordinates Peter Brewer’s and Jim Barry’s research into various biological and chemical impacts of ocean acidification. The two research groups work together and with MBARI engineers to design, build, and deploy devices for controlled experiments on the effects of CO2 on the ocean, including the deep sea. Together with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and other organizations, MBARI staff are coordinating the planning and hosting of the Third International High CO2 Ocean Conference to be held in Monterey in September 2012.

Shallow-Water Free Ocean Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (FOCE)

Project leads: Jim Barry, Peter Brewer, Bill Kirkwood, George Matsumoto
Project manager: Bill Kirkwood
Project website

This project aims to enhance regional scientific collaborations catalyzed by the Center for Ocean Solutions with experiments on the effects of ocean acidification on nearshore animals using a FOCE system adapted for the nearshore shallow water environment.

Last updated: Feb. 04, 2015