Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

2012 projects

Data management and information outreach

Core Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (CTD) Data

Project lead: John Ryan
Project manager: Erich Rienecker

This project centralizes the maintenance and calibration of MBARI’s CTD (conductivity-temperature-depth) instrumentation and data streams. CTD sensors and support systems will be migrated to the new coastal vessel, the R/V Rachel Carson.

Core Navigation Data

Project managers: Dave Caress, John Ryan

ROV and ship navigation are core data streams supported institutionally.

Core Mooring Data

Project leads: Francisco Chavez, John Ryan
Project manager: Mike McCann

Surface conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD), thermister-string (T-string), meteorological, global positioning system (GPS), acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP), and partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2) data from MBARI’s moorings are centrally collected, processed, and archived as core institutional data streams.

Education and Research: Testing Hypotheses (EARTH)

Project lead/manager: George Matsumoto
Project website

This project supports a teacher workshop co-hosted by MBARI and the Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association to be held in North Carolina in 2012. The focus of the workshop will be on ocean observatories and coastal research in the southeastern U.S.

Legacy Data Systems

Project managers: Kevin Gomes, Todd Ruston

Several platforms in MBARI’s key data acquisition and processing infrastructure are reaching the end of support by their manufacturers. This project will explore how to integrate them with methods and procedures already used by MBARI Information Services.

MB-System Software for Processing Seafloor Mapping Sonar Data

Project manager: Dave Caress
Project website

This project supports a major, open-source software program that allows researchers to manipulate, renavigate, and plot multibeam bathymetry data from all systems that are or have been in use by the academic community, including MBARI's AUV D. Allan B. The project has been jointly supported by the National Science Foundation and MBARI, and is used by individuals from more than 190 research institutions, universities, and companies worldwide. The source code is distributed by anonymous file transfer protocol (ftp).

Monterey Bay Aquarium and MBARI Partnership

Project manager: George Matsumoto

MBARI and Monterey Bay Aquarium staff team up on an array of projects that include education programs for teachers and students and the development of new exhibits. MBARI engineers will conduct a feasibility study and formal concept review of a video camera for use in tags on sharks, so that aquarium researchers can learn more about why white sharks congregate near the North Pacific gyre.

Outline Annotation of Dive Video

Project leads: Dave Caress, Brian Schlining
Project manager: Lonny Lundsten

This project tracks the personnel and financial resources used to maintain MBARI’s outline annotation of all dive tapes for research use. Minor upgrades to the Video Annotation and Reference System (VARS) system continue to improve the ability to create and access more meaningful and useful annotations.

Safety Guide for Lithium Batteries

Project leads: Jim Bellingham, Jon Erickson, Ken Smith
Project manager: Ed Mellinger

This is a feasibility study to explore the failure modes of the secondary lithium batteries that MBARI uses so that a set of safety guidelines can be established.

Technology Transfer: Observatory Software

Project leads: Kevin Gomes, Kent Headley, Bob Herlien, Tom O'Reilly
Project manager: Duane Edgington

Ocean observatories are being developed and deployed around the world. Some of these external projects want to adopt MBARI software infrastructure developed for ocean observatories. Transfer of these technologies to external observatory projects, industry groups, and standards organizations will continue.

Testing Student-Developed Marine Systems

Project lead: Christopher Kitts
Project manager: Bill Kirkwood

Students and faculty of the Santa Clara University Robotic Systems Laboratory continue to work with Bill Kirkwood in the development and field operation of ROVs and surface vessels. Research activities focus on multi-vehicle autonomous control and algorithm development.

Video Annotation Analysis and Presentation

Project leads: Steve Haddock, Charlie Paull, Brian Schlining
Project manager: Nancy Jacobsen Stout
Project website

The video annotation knowledge base and histograms showing depth, time, season, and spatial distribution of ROV video annotations provide context for animal distributions as seen on ROV video. These data products will be refined based on feedback from MBARI scientists and other users of the ROV video data.

Last updated: Feb. 03, 2015