Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

2011 projects

Ocean observatories

Power Buoy: Prototype Test

Project Manager and Lead Engineer: Andy Hamilton

With funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), MBARI is working on a free-swimming platform that can harvest energy from the ocean environment to provide at-sea recharging for autonomous vehicles. In 2011 the design will be refined for improved station-keeping and power use. MBARI researchers will also work on a numerical model of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) docking to the buoy.

Monterey Ocean Observing System (MOOS) Upper Canyon Experiment

Project Manager and Lead Engineer: Mark Chaffey
Lead Scientists: Charles Paull, Jim Barry 
Project website

The MOOS mooring will document the frequency and intensity of sediment transport events in upper Monterey Canyon and characterize the physical processes active during those events. Research will focus on the event-detection algorithm to improve differentiation between signals associated with tidal currents and signals from high-energy events, and data analysis after the mooring is recovered.

Mooring Maintenance

Project Manager: Mike Kelley
Lead Scientist: Francisco Chavez
Lead Engineer: Kevin Gomes

This project will use shared engineering time based on historical needs for the operation of MBARI’s two institutionally-supported moorings. Data from the moorings are utilized by a number of MBARI scientists as well as externally-funded projects and institutions and organizations. The project allows MBARI to track changes in maintenance levels with changes in scale and technology.

Last updated: Feb. 03, 2015