Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

2010 projects

Data management and information outreach

Upper Water Column Data Visualization

Lead Engineer: Mike McCann
Lead Scientist: Francisco Chavez

This project builds on the improved internal and external access to upper water column data using the data server and Open-Source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol (OPeNDAP) provided by the 2009 One-Stop Shopping project. The project team will evaluate technologies for more user-friendly data access and visualization.

Video Annotation Analysis and Presentation

Project Manager: Nancy Jacobsen Stout
Lead Scientist: Steve Haddock, Charlie Paull
Lead Engineer: Brian Schlining

Experts from MBARI’s Video Lab will work with researchers heading up the Biodiversity Initiative to create data products from the video database that will be useful for extracting biodiversity metrics from the more than 20 years of observations recorded on video. A second goal will be to provide quality control estimates for standard products to determine the statistical significance of historical trends. One product from this work will be an online, web-based Deep Sea Guide.

Monterey Bay Aquarium and MBARI Partnership (AMP)

Project Manager: George Matsumoto

MBARI and Monterey Bay Aquarium staff will continue to collaborate on a rich array of joint projects, including supporting the new exhibit on climate change and investigating the feasibility of a camera on the MARS cable. The Aquarium also provides larval samples to MBARI researchers for studies on the effects of high CO2 on marine life. The two institutions collaborate on a number of educational programs of mutual interest. MBARI provides Aquarium staff opportunities to collect samples aboard the research vessels.

Education and Research: Testing Hypotheses (EARTH)

Project Manager and Lead Scientist: George Matsumoto
Project website

The EARTH website will be maintained and upgraded, and a teacher workshop will be held in Oregon in conjunction with the National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded Science and Technology Center C-MOP (the Center for Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction). The workshop will provide a chance to compare C-MOP’s SATURN observatory data from the Columbia River coastal margin with data from the MARS observatory.

MultiBeam System

Project Manager and Lead Engineer: Dave Caress
Project website

Development and support will continue on this major, open-source software program that allows researchers to manipulate, renavigate, and plot multibeam bathymetry data. The project is jointly supported by the NSF and MBARI, and is used by individuals from more that 120 research institutions, universities, and companies worldwide. The source code is distributed by anonymous FTP (file-transfer protocol).

Seafloor Mapping Data Support

Project Manager and Lead Engineer: Dave Caress

New software tools will be developed specific to MBARI’s AUV mapping program. This project also provides assistance to MBARI research groups with mission planning and data processing, storage, and dissemination.

Marine Metadata Initiative

Project Manager and Lead Engineer: Carlos Rueda
Project website

MBARI is providing the leadership for a project jointly supported by NSF and NOAA to develop metadata standards to control the vocabulary that describes data sets. The project links well to a number of other efforts at MBARI, including the automation of data discovery and exploration.

Core Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (CTD) Data

Project Manager: Martin Suro
Lead Engineer: David Caress

This project centralizes the maintenance and calibration of MBARI’s CTD (conductivity-temperature-depth) instrumentation and data streams.

Core Navigation Data

Project Manager and Lead Engineer: David Caress

ROV and ship navigation are core data streams supported institutionally.

Core Mooring Data

Project Manager: Mike McCann

Surface CTD, T-string, meteorological, GPS, ADCP, and pCO2 data from MBARI’s moorings are core data that are centrally collected, processed, and archived.

Outline Annotation of Dive Video

Project Manager: Lonny Lundsten 
Lead Engineer: David Caress
Project website

This project allocates personnel and financial resources to maintain MBARI’s outline annotation of all dive tapes. Minor upgrades to the Video Annotation and Reference System (VARS) system continue to improve the ability to create and access more meaningful and useful annotations.

Last updated: May. 12, 2010