Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
 2009 projects

High-Resolution Seismic Refraction

Project Manager and Lead Scientist: Dave Caress
Lead Engineer: Rich Henthorn

An outstanding problem in marine geophysics has been the lack of information on seismic velocities in the shallow upper oceanic crust. The experimental geometry required to obtain such information requires that seismic sources and receivers both be located near the seafloor, an extremely challenging geometry. In 2009 Dave Caress will lead a project to outfit ROV Ventana with a chirp seismic source that will be detected by ocean bottom hydrophones. Initial science objectives are to understand the near-surface structure of sand units in the Monterey Canyon and methane hydrate deposits offshore the northwestern U.S. in order to distinguish different models for their emplacement.

Last updated: Apr. 23, 2009