Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
 2009 projects
Institute Initiatives

Modification of Respirations for Ocean Acidification Studies

Project Manager: Bob Herlien
Lead Scientist: Jim Barry, Bruce Robison
Lead Engineers: Craig Okuda, Mike Risi, Bob Herlien

MBARI’s benthic and midwater respirometers, which have been used successfully to measure community oxygen consumption in passive mode, will be modified to allow perturbation experiments under controlled levels of CO2 enrichment. The number of chambers will be increased to allow for an adequate number of controls for the experiment, and gas impermeable materials will be substituted to prevent contamination. The new design will reduce the cost of ship time to get the same amount of information. By the end of 2009, field tests for the new designs will be underway.

Last updated: Apr. 23, 2009