Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
 2009 projects
Institute Initiatives

The Controlled, Agile, and Novel Observing Network (CANON)

Observing and Predicting Coastal Ecosystem Responses to Anthropogenic Influences

Project Manager: Zbigniew Kolber
Lead Scientists: Jim Bellingham, Francisco Chavez, Zbigniew Kolber, Kanna Rajan, John Ryan and Chris Scholin
Lead Engineer: Jim Bellingham

A number of MBARI research engineers and scientists are undertaking a feasibility study for an institute initiative that will push the limits of prediction, detection, and response in the coastal ocean using harmful algal blooms (HABs) as the candidate example of a phenomenon that may be linked to human activity, with significant societal importance. The first step in 2009 will be to conduct a system engineering study of which marine assets will provide the best first detection capabilities for HABs for the investment, given the known spatial and temporal scales for HAB development and the needs of resource managers for information and response. Which assets should then be deployed once a first detection has been made to confirm the find? What role can models play in the process?

Last updated: Feb. 04, 2015