Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
2009 projects
2009 projects

MBARI projects can be categorized into the following research themes.

  • Benthic processes, midwater research, and upper ocean biogeochemistry are science-based projects.
  • Ocean observatories, new in situ instruments, and ROV and AUV enhancements are technology-based projects.
  • Marine policy, data management and information outreach ensure widespread access to MBARI research.
  • Infrastructure support provides physical maintenance for MBARI assets.
  • Potential institutional initiatives identify world-class oceanographic problems to be addressed with interdisciplinary teams and significant technological components.

The titles below are links to a brief summary of each 2009 project. For summaries of research projects from  previous years, see past projects. For details about accomplishments in past years, see the online versions of the MBARI Annual Report.

Last updated: Jan. 06, 2010