Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
 2009 projects
Benthic research

Pelagic-Benthic Coupling and the Carbon Cycle

Project Manager and Lead Scientist: Ken Smith
Lead Engineer: Alana Sherman

Ken Smith plans to install the tethered Rover II on the MARS network and begin measuring community oxygen consumption and estimating particulate organic carbon aggregations and megafaunal abundance, species composition, distribution, and activity. His team will also service a long-term mooring (sediment traps, time-lapse camera) at Station M and install a modified time-lapse camera system for autonomous deployments exceeding six months. While at Station M, they will measure sediment community oxygen consumption. Given the necessity of servicing Station M with the Western Flyer, the longer-term goal is to install a MOOS mooring there to greatly reduce the frequency of visits.

Last updated: Apr. 20, 2009