Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
 2008 projects

Shore Side Data System Hardening

Project Manager: Kevin Gomes

The Shore Side Data System (SSDS) was originally developed as a component of the Monterey Ocean Observatory System. It has now grown beyond that, to encompass other data streams such as autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) data and Monterey Accelerated Research System (MARS) instruments. SSDS improves the efficiency with which data are processed; one programmer can now do work that formerly took three or four. Aspects of SSDS are candidates for the Cyberinfrastruture for the Ocean Observatory Initiative. The tasks in this project will improve capabilities for editing metadata and for checking database integrity. The SSDS team plans to provide more useful query and operational views of data producing systems. The final result will be an open source distribution of SSDS.

Last updated: Oct. 07, 2009