Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
 2006 projects
MBARI ocean observing systems (MOOS)

SENSORS and PUCK technology

Project Managers: Dan Davis, Duane Edgington
Lead Engineer: Tom O'Reilly: 

This project, largely supported by the National Science Foundation, addresses the key technology issues of interfacing sensors with ocean observatories. The goals are to decrease the labor involved, ensure that data are useable, make instrument development easier, and provide pathways that allow the use of legacy instruments. Workshops will help engage the external community in setting standards.

The Programmable Underwater Connector with Knowledge (PUCK) technology holds much promise for facilitating the connection of legacy instruments to observatories and retrieving the data by automating the processes of installing drivers and retrieving metadata. Various outside groups (RoadNET, NOAA) are interested in collaborating with MBARI to investigate the advantages of adopting the PUCK protocol. Several instrument manufacturers have also expressed interest in using the PUCK technology. O’Reilly will be developing a tool to verify PUCK compliance and a developer’s kit to help manufacturers implement PUCK protocol.

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009