Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
2005 projects
New in situ instruments

Autonomous Ocean Sampling Networks (AOSN)

Project Manager: Jim Bellingham

The AOSN project addresses the ocean observing challenge through the development of economical platforms that use innovative, effective strategies for the study of transient oceanographic processes. The technical focus is on coupling heterogeneous observation systems with assimilation/modeling systems. Elements in development include:

  • Ocean observing systems employing heterogeneous mixes of autonomous platforms.
  • Observation/modeling system performance metrics and use of those to evaluate survey strategies.
  • Data systems to support both real-time needs of coupled observation modeling systems and research on historical data.
  • Docking capability to enable sustainable AUV operations.

This project is coupled with an ONR (Office of Naval Research) funded effort, which is the lead element of a 16-institution collaboration to advance the state of coupled observation/modeling systems. The strategy employed for developing AOSN has been to couple incremental technology developments to science-driven field programs. We will continue this mode of operation, developing an event response scenario that couples AOSN capabilities to the emerging MOOS system.

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009