Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
 2005 projects
MBARI Ocean Observing System (MOOS)

The MOOS program

Project Manager: Keith Raybould
Lead Scientist: John Ryan
Lead Engineers: Mark Chaffey, Dan Davis, Duane Edgington, John Graybeal, Andy Hamilton, Gene Massion, Tom O'Reilly

Information on separate projects in the MOOS system can be found under the MOOS heading on the 2005 Projects page. Some other element of the MOOS program are:

MOOS Science Experiment (MSE) at Shepard Meander

The MSE is ongoing. Deployment and equipment began in  in 2003, and the full experiment is scheduled to start in 2005-2006. Extensive testing and development of high-risk elements of the experiment will continue during 2005 in collaboration with the Continental margin and Benthic biology projects.

MARS (Monterey Accelerated Reasearch System)

The final system integration of MARS sub-systems is in process. When agreements with the fishing community are in place and all needed permits are obtained, the cabled observatory will be installed—possibly in late 2005. A six-month commissioning period will follow the installation.

MBARI Data Quality Control

The increasing data flow from MBARI data systems demands ever more review and attention from scientists and staff. Increasing data rates, instrument and platform deployments, and automated processing mean more data than ever must be checked for reasonable behavior, both to assure data quality and to catch events and trends of interest. New and better semi-automated tools will improve the efficiency and accuracy of data quality control. 

A multi-year quality control initiative will begin by investigating best practices and making core improvements to the data management infrastructure. The goal is to obtain rapid, modest improvement, with emphasis on ease of use and transparency.

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009