Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
 2005 projects
Data management and information

Education and Research: Testing Hypotheses (EARTH)

Project Manager & Lead Scientist: George Matsumoto
Lead Engineer: John Graybeal

The EARTH website at and MBARI  teacher institutes are focused on data distribution (near-real-time and archived) with supporting curricula development.

The EARTH effort is going very well and feedback from the educational community and NSF has been very positive. However, there is a need for broader dissemination of the EARTH effort and a desire on the part of the educators to interact more intimately with the data. In 2005, we will focus on aspects of the MBARI Shore Side Data System—working with educators and MBARI staff to integrate these tools into lesson plans. We will also work with people who can define the educational design requirements of the observatory system (just as science workshops are defining the science functional requirements). 

The discussions will include representative educators from various ocean/ocean observatory programs (such as IOOS, IODP, Earthscope, COSEE, Ocean.US, LEO-15, GO-MOOS) so that we can integrate efforts and identify areas that need expansion in education and outreach efforts. A workshop will be scheduled in July 2005.

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009