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ROV video outline annotation - MBARI Data Users Committee

Project Manager: Nancy Jacobsen Stout
Lead Scientist: Dave Caress

ROV outline video annotation has been designated a core data stream, which means that support for the collection, processing, and archiving of the data is provided on an institutional basis rather than through individual projects or divisional budgets. The primary elements of this ongoing infrastructure effort include:

  • Outline video annotation of all ROV dives through ITD.
  • Data archiving and dissemination through ITD.
  • Data validation through a science data champion and resulting scientific use.

Progress reports will be provided to MDUC (MBARI Data Users Committee) and the science data champion as requested. The Video Lab staff members also remain available to participate in research cruises, assist the science crews, and contribute to post-dive data and sample processing. Gaining this exposure to advanced scientific theories and field procedures improves understanding of the research mission, ultimately enriching the quality of the video-related data.

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009