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 2005 projects
Data management and information

Core CTD data - MBARI Data Users Committee

Project Manager: Mike Burczynski
Lead Scientist: Dave Caress

CTD data collected using MBARI ROV, underway, and profiler CTD systems have been designated as core data streams. Support for the maintenance, operation, calibration, and configuration of the instruments, electronics, and related support hardware, as well as support for the processing and archiving of the data, is provided on an institutional basis rather than through individual projects or divisional budgets. Although the AUV CTD data stream is not considered core, maintenance and calibration of these sensors is and will be covered by this project.

The primary elements of the project being carried out in 2005 are:

  • Operations of MBARI CTD vertical profilers and underway mapping systems.
  • Maintenance, configuration and calibration of MBARI CTD instrumentation and all associated system hardware.
  • Maintain measurement accuracy and reliability required for core CTD data.
  • Data processing, archiving and dissemination through the Biological Ocean Group (BOG) database.
  • Data validation through Science data champions—Reiko Michisaki for the profiler CTD, Bruce Robison for the ROV CTD, and Gernot Friederich for the underway CTD. Monthly status reports to be given to MBARI Data Users Committee (MDUC).
Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009