Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
 2005 projects
ROV/AUV enhancements and upgrades

AUV gulper

Project Manager: Alana Sherman
Lead Scientist: John Ryan
Lead Engineer: Farley Shane

This is a two-year program to develop an AUV water sampler. Many applications require a sample of water for analysis—for example, plankton and larval ecology, harmful algal bloom (HAB) detection, and sediment transport / carbon flux. AUV onboard intelligence provides a unique opportunity to adaptively acquire water samples within a multidisciplinary oceanographic context. 

A feasibility study in 2004 determined that off-the-shelf samplers would not meet requirements for rapid sampling. We need to design and build a system in-house. The first year will be spent designing, building, and testing prototype components. The goal at the end of the first year would be to have a preliminary design based on the results of testing. The second year would begin with preparation of detailed designs, followed by a critical design review, fabrication of the device, integration onto the AUV, and engineering field tests. 

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009