Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
2004 projects
Upper ocean biogeochemistry

Layered organization of the coastal ocean (LOCO)

Project Manager/Lead Scientist: John Ryan
MBARI Science Collaboration: Chris Scholin and the ESP team

John Ryan is collaborating with Margaret McManus of University of California, Santa Cruz and Mark Stacey of University of California, Berkeley, on a project funded by the ONR (Office of Naval Research) program, Layered Organization of the Coastal Ocean (LOCO).  This research will employ the MBARI AUV to study the processes of thin plankton layers.  The time series below shows the development of a thin phytoplankton layer during a period of wind relaxation from a moored vertical profiler.  The MBARI Dorado AUV will be used to capture synoptic views of volumes of Monterey Bay to examine relationships between inner and outer shelf layers and processes forcing formation and evolution of layers.  This research will involve collaborative efforts with other LOCO teams, as well as the MBARI ESP team led by Chris Scholin.


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