Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
2004 projects
Upper ocean biogeochemistry

AUV CTD time series

Project Manager: Drew Gashler
Lead Scientist: Francisco Chavez
Lead Engineer: Tom O'Reilly

Last year (2003), MBARI began conducting time series measurements of conductivity, temperature, and depth (CTD) between fixed moorings using the Dorado autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). Work in 2004 will continue in these areas:

  1. Extending the range and duration of autonomous operations. We will run the vehicle to the M-2 mooring and back in a single mission, which will take about 24 hours. The vehicle will be launched in the morning and recovered on the morning of the following day, thus avoiding the higher sea states typical of afternoon hours. We hope to reduce or eliminate the presence of the ship by integrating a satellite modem.
  2. Enhancing the ability to retrieve requested AUV data from the Shore Side Data System (SSDS).
  3. Defining and producing a standard set of data products for each mission.
  4. Presenting results at two conferences.
Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009