Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
2004 projects
MBARI ocean observing system (MOOS)

SENSORS: Ocean observing system instrument network infrastructure

Project Manager: Dan Davis
Principal Investigator/Lead Engineer: Duane Edgington

MBARI is applying distributed object, smart network, plug-and-work, and XML technologies to create a uniform software infrastructure to support the development, deployment, and operation of mooring based, deep ocean observing systems. Our goal is to simplify the problems of configuring, interfacing, and controlling instruments in networked observing systems with potentially intermittent and limited bandwidth, as well as simplifying access to, and management of, the data coming from such systems. We propose to adapt and prototype test the use of this infrastructure for MARS (Monterey Accelerated Research System), a cable based system being used to prototype a regional scale cable observing (RSCO) system. The work proposed here would solve the key interfacing and data management problems by making the interface problem part of instrument development rather than an installation problem, and by handling commercial off the self instruments in a straight-forward easy manner. 

MBARI and ORION will be co-sponsoring an NSF-funded workshop in Fall 2004. For additional project information, please read the NSF proposal.

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