Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
2004 projects
MBARI ocean observing system (MOOS)

Moos mooring and OEM cable

Project Manager/Lead Engineer: Mark Chaffey
Lead Scientist: John Ryan

in March 2004, we will deploy test moorings with the two most promising new cable designs to validate the results of our cable design analysis and laboratory testing. A third cable design will be tested in November. A major motivation for field-testing different cables is the emergence of a split in the design offerings between conventional outer strength member cables and more novel center strength member cables.

In association with the cable test moorings, We will also deploy a single Benthic Instrument Node (BIN) in approximately 1200-1500 meters water depth. The plan is to make a cable connection from the mooring to the BIN (using ROV Ventana) to gain experience with this important task before attempting the operation further offshore for the MOOS science experiment (MSE) mooring deployment planned for 2005.

The initial field trial (December 2002) of the prototype mooring resulted in a break in the mooring riser cable near a cable float and substantial weakening of the cable at other locations. The analysis of the cable failure and the data collected during the unusually severe storm conditions have resulted in a better understanding of the bending environment of the mooring configuration and the design requirements for such conditions.

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009