Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
2004 projects
Midwater research

Video archives to investigate behavior of midwater invertebrates

Project Manager/Lead Scientist: Bill Hamner
Lead Scientists: George Matsumoto, Bruce Robison

This project will use the MBARI video annotation and reference system (VARS) to write manuscripts from archived mid-water video. The subjects will be behavior of sergestid shrimp and feeding behavior of lobate ctenophores.

Because many midwater invertebrate taxa are so poorly known, it is important that specialists who are already reasonably familiar with the full spectrum of information published on a given Family, Genus, or species examine the archived footage to determine which video sequences contain important new information about the living biology and behavior of particular species.

Many of the species of midwater animals that have been recorded by MBARI ROVs in Monterey Canyon and elsewhere (such as the Gulf of California) have not been investigated, yet in some cases extensive video about particular species has accumulated during the course of other work. A recent search of the MBARI archives using, VARS, found 411 entries for the shrimp Sergestes and 315 references to Thalassocalyce, the lobate ctenophore. We believe, therefore, that there is sufficient footage in the archives and elsewhere for two fairly robust publications.

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009