Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
2004 projects
New in situ instruments

Deep Ocean Raman In Situ Spectrometer (DORISS)

Project Manager/Lead Scientist: Peter Brewer
Lead Engineer: Bill Kirkwood

For 2004, we will create and test new protocols for analysis of geo-chemical solid phases, using the Precision Underwater Positioner-Deep Ocean Raman In Situ Spectrometer—known by the acronym, PUP-DORISS. The instruments will be used in combination with MBARI’s ROVs on a Western Flyer cruise to northern sites in the summer. Raman in situ studies of gas hydrates will be done at Hydrate Ridge, offshore Oregon. Also, the first in situ Raman measurements of a hydrothermal system (including vent minerals, hydrothermal fluids, and associated bacterial mats) will be done at the Cleft segment.Completion of the PUP system is essential for the in situ Raman measurement of solids. The current two-axis (X-Y) PUP will be enhanced with three additional axes (main stage rotation and pan and tilt for the remote head). A series of upgrades will be made to correct limitations of DORISS that were discovered in the 2003 trials.

Raman work successfully initiated in the Gulf of California (in 2003) will be published.

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009