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Student developed instrumentation: Use of the test tank facility

Project Manager/Lead Scientist: Geoff Wheat
Lead Engineer: Bill Kirkwood

This ongoing project seeks to support and strengthen the mentor program between MBARI engineers and SCU undergraduates, thus continuing the development of a pool of talented and dedicated oceanic engineers. For four years, Geoff Wheat has been working with engineering students at Santa Clara University (SCU), involving them in ocean-related projects. Student teams design, fabricate, test, and deploy instrumentation for undersea applications. Products resulting from this work have won several awards at the annual SCU engineering competition and have been presented at national meetings and published in prominent journals. Several of the students have been interns at MBARI, and some have continued their education in engineering with an emphasis on ocean-related applications.

This project will enhance the educational partnership by providing time at MBARI's test tank facility for students to test and demonstrate new instruments. The students will also take one of their small ROVs to sea for a day on the R/V Zephyr to test the systems they have developed. In addition, they will give a seminar at MBARI and present a hands-on demonstration to MBARI personnel, interested local scientists, and parents.

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009