Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
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Data management and information

Video Annotation and Reference System (VARS)

Project Manager: Nancy Jacobsen-Stout
Lead Scientist: Charlie Paull
Lead Engineer: Brian Schlining

Progress continues towards the development of a software and hardware system to facilitate the creation, storage, and retrieval of video annotations based on ROV dive tapes. This Video Annotation and Reference System (VARS) will include a knowledge base component that can be extended into a general user guide, a flexible annotation system that can be used real-time or following ROV dives, and a query application that allows users to customize individual database queries. Each VARS component references a knowledge database of over 3,000 biological, geological and technical terms. This hierarchical information allows for consistent and rapid classification, description, and complex querying of objects observed on video.

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009