Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
2004 projects
Benthic Processes

Beyond Climate: Planning the Science of a Low pH-High CO2 Ocean

Project Manager: Ed Peltzer
Lead Scientists: Jim Barry, Peter Brewer
Lead Engineer: Bill Kirkwood

This project will examine the feasibility of a major new science/technology initiative that will enable scientists to carry out long-term, precisely controlled carbon dioxide enrichment experiments in the deep ocean, analogous to those routinely carried out on land. This work can succeed by building upon and extending the MARS cabled observatory initiative, enabling studies of the effects that an inevitably lower-pH ocean will have on coral reefs, calcareous sediments, and deep-sea ecosystems. We propose to deliver a white paper defining the issues and presenting the fundamental requirements recommending possible approaches. The background to the proposed work was presented recently by Peter Brewer (2003) at an international planning workshop on the possibilities of CO2 stabilization.

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009