Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
2004 projects
Benthic Processes

Keck project: Linkages between seismic and microbial events

Lead Scientist: Ed DeLong
Lead Engineers: Paul McGill/Gene Massion

The goal of the Keck project is to constrain the linkages between earthquakes, fluid flow and chemistry, and microbial response across the northern Juan de Fuca Plate. The Juan de Fuca Ridge and the Nootka Transform/Cascadia subduction Zone will be instrumented with seismometers and chemical sensors during field seasons in 2003-2005.

Seven corehole seismometers and one broadband seismometer system were deployed on the Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge during July-August 2003. In 2004, the first set of seismic data will be recovered for analyses. At least five of the seven corehole systems will be redeployed on Endeavour for a second year. We will perform initial data backups to confirm the successful operation of the systems. One additional broadband system will be deployed at the Endeavour Segment. In addition, we will deploy one broadband system and two short-period seismonuments at the Nootka site.

MBARI's part of the Keck project is to design and test a prototype deep-sea environmental sample processor (Deep-ESP)--a coordinated extension of the current ESP effort. The system will collect and process particle samples in situ to 4000 meters depth. The prototype instrument will be built, tested, and refined in 2004.

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