Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
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ROV / AUV enhancements and upgrades

ROVUC-GIS migration

Project Manager: John Graybeal
Lead Scientist: Jim Barry
Lead Engineer: Brian Schlining

We intend to purchase valid licenses for the current ArcGIS product, to replace the outdated ArcView GIS software on both vessels and on shore.

For many years MBARI scientists have relied upon the ESRI/ArcView Geographic Information System (GIS) software package. Custom MBARI extensions (ARCNav) were written to allow plotting of ROV and ship’s positions and user-declared markpoints over terrain maps in real time. These extensions are not compatible with the new product, and they have delayed adoption of the current ESRI product. But we are having an increasingly difficult time keeping the old ArcView product (which ESRI no longer supports) running on our vessels.We will also evaluate an ESRI-provided extension called Tracking Analyst. This component may eliminate the need to re-write our own custom extensions that deal with ROV and ship’s position. If Tracking Analyst does not work for our purposes we would then proceed to convert the MBARI ArcNav extensions. Another component of this migration project will be to obtain training for scientists and technicians so that they can convert their old ArcView projects and files to ArcGIS. This step is necessary to minimize the impact of the migration to ArcGIS on the end-users. The final product from this project will be a more reliable, real-time tracking system compatible with ArcGIS software currently supported by ESRI

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009