Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
2004 projects
ROV / AUV enhancements and upgrades

AUV Guidance, Navigation and control improvements

Project Manager: Rob McEwen
Lead Scientist: John Ryan
Lead Engineer: Rob McEwen

The objective of this project is to make significant improvements to the guidance, navigation and control algorithms in AUV software. The goals for these items are:

Develop obstacle avoidance behavior that uses forward-looking sonar. This will allow the AUV to avoid obstacles such as icebergs or canyon walls. This algorithm will increase vehicle autonomy, thus increasing the probability that the vehicle will be able to complete long-duration missions.

Replace the UTM-based navigation algorithm with one that logs latitude and longitude (instead of northings and eastings). Latitude and longitude are unambiguous and aren't subject to the errors associated with projections.
Improve the depth/pitch control. 

Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009