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MBARI ocean observing systems


Development of a mobile observation system for experimental seafloor studies (MOSESS)
Project Manager/Lead Scientist: Jim Barry 

Lead Engineer: Brent Roman


This project will evaluate ongoing developments of autonomous mobile platforms for seafloor research (ROVERs) and collaborate with Ken Smith (Scripps Institution of Oceanography) concerning his ROVER development efforts. The project will explore the costs of ROVER development and identify engineering areas where MBARI may be able to make significant contributions. This project will likely result in a 2004 MBARI proposal for ROVER development based on collaboration with other developmental efforts.


ROVER systems will serve as autonomous mobile platforms to house a variety of instrumental for investigations of oceanographic & biological features and processes in the benthic boundary layer and on the seafloor. The system will be capable of fully autonomous function, deployed from ships of opportunity to full ocean depth for periods up to one year. In addition, it will be capable of integration with MOOS or MARS cabled installations for interactive control and data reporting.