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MBARI ocean observing systems

CIMT (Center for Integrated Marine Technologies)
Project Manager: Duane Edgington
Lead Scientist: Francisco Chavez

This project represents the MBARI component of a proposal submitted to NOAA by the Center for Integrated Marine Technologies (CIMT). The scientific aspects of the proposal focus on the relationship between the oceanography of coastal upwelling systems and marine mammal abundance. The engineering portion addresses technology needed for coastal observatories in general, to solve the problem of connecting and operating the enormous variety of instruments that can be attached to these observatories.

For 2003 the partners propose to integrate an MBARI-developed device called a sensor "puck", which provides a universal interface between a sensor and an ocean observatory network and enables spontaneous configuration and operation when the sensor is plugged into the network. They will also utilize a new mooring controller (under development at MBARI) and interfaces for the suite of instrumentation currently available at the MBARI M1 mooring.