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MBARI ocean observing systems


MBARI ocean observing system program (MOOS)
Project Manager: Keith Raybould

Lead Scientist: John Ryan

Lead Engineer: Mark Chaffey

This is the third year of the MOOS project, which was proposed in late 1999. In 2003 most of the sub-systems needed to support the innovative features of MOOS will be designed and built. Testing will begin on these sub-systems to prepare for full integration in early 2004. A Dorado class AUV will be built and handed over to Marine Operations, and a cable laying toolsled will be built for ROV Tiburon

Engineering will begin early system-level work on AUV docking. They will also continue pursuit of a high-power generation system—a necessary capability for mooring-based ocean observatories.

Cabled observatory efforts will be focused on planning and permitting for the MARS test bed in Monterey Bay and on participation in the NEPTUNE project.