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Midwater research

Benthopelagic coupling: 
Krill at the edge of Monterey Canyon

Project Manager: William M. Hamner
Lead Scientists: William M. Hamner/George Matsumoto/Bruce Robison/John Ryan
Lead Engineer: Dan Davis

In 2003 researchers will test the hypothesis that spatially stable populations of krill and krill predators are maintained above the southeast shelf break by a unique combination of southeast surface currents, down-slope migration of krill, and up-shelf advection of the deep-scattering layer (DSL) due to deep water circulation within Monterey Canyon, krill behavior during the day, and submarine topography. Benthopelagic coupling of krill, canyon currents and bottom topography will be evaluated using ROV Ventana in the  daytime. The ROV will collect krill from the swarms and optically measure the density of krill within these same swarms, using the MBARI structured-light array with strobed structured lights. The ROV will also be used to place benthic current meters along the canyon edge. From the 
R/V Pt. Lobos, scientists will also record interactions of krill and krill predators along the shelf break. Acoustic Doppler current data, krill backscatter data, and CTD data will be collected day and night from R/V Zeyphr.