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Instrumentation and sensor development

Long term continuous monitoring of hydrogeologic properties in instrumented boreholes
Project Manager: Hans Jannasch
Lead Scientists: Hans Jannasch

This will be the second year of a collaborative four-year NSF/ODP-funded project to study sediment processes within the subduction zone off Costa Rica by using MBARI-developed OsmoSamplers to continuously monitor porewaters within the subducting sediments. Five custom boreholes will be drilled and outfitted with numerous OsmoSamplers and other instruments.

In 2003, we will review the design and deployment of the redeployable OsmoSamplers and pressure-maintaining A-CORKs  and make appropriate changes to the design. Towards the end of the year, we will begin production of  a second set of OsmoSamplers to replace the initial set in early 2004.