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Instrumentation and sensor development


InCyt: Exploring the potential implementation of a novel in situ cytometer on MBARI platforms
Project Manager: Paul McGill

Lead Scientist: Ed DeLong
Lead Engineer: Mark Brown

This project continues a collaboration combining the expertise of MBARI with that of Ger van den Engh, who is developing a simple, novel, and robust submersible marine cytometer (SUMAC) for analyzing plankton. The proposed device will circumvent the complications of in situ deployment encountered with conventional flow cytometers. T

The design and construction of the instrument is planned to be developed under NSF and MBARI funding. MBARI will provide engineering consultation to develop pressure housings and connector configurations required for initial SUMAC testing on  ROVs. MBARI will also be considering potential science uses and evaluating resources required to construct and package the SUMAC for implementation.