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Instrumentation and sensor development

Feasibility study for the development of an ROV-based in situ mass spectrometer (ISMS)
Project Manager: Ken Johnson
Lead Scientists: Peter Girguis/Gernot Friederich
Lead Engineer: Jon Erickson

This project continues the work started in 2002, to establish the the feasibility of developing a mass spectrometer that is capable of quickly and reliably quantifying a wide range of dissolved gasses and chemical compounds in situ. An ISMS deployed on the ROVs would be of tremendous benefit to researchers. The capabilities of an ISMS includes (but are not limited to) quantifying carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane, sulfide, helium, and hydrogen concentrations.  A functional land-based system has been assembled and is being tested. The system is relatively low cost, (theoretically) highly sensitive, and may be the most affordable and sensitive means of surveying dissolved gasses in the marine environment.

In 2003, development and testing of the instrument will continue and a deployment is planned. Development for use on AUVs may follow in a later project cycle, pending the results of this study. The instrument has been designed to run on 24V DC power, making it likely that adapting the ISMS for use on the AUVs will be relatively easy.