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Instrumentation and sensor development

Chemical sensor program
Project Manager/Lead Engineer: Luke Coletti
Lead Scientist: Ken Johnson

 The goals of the Chemical Sensor Laboratory are to develop a suite of chemical sensors for dissolved constituents in seawater. For 2003 this project will address the following:

  • Extending endurance and reliablity of the ISUS) and DigiScan for long-term observatory measurements on moorings and in cold-seep or hydrothermal environments,
  • Adapting ISUS and DigiSCAN to a variety of other chemical measurements (pH, phosphate, silicate, iron), 
  • Adapting ISUS to other platforms including vertical profiling moorings, 
  • Development of a test mooring in Elkhorn Slough
  • Assessing OSMOSamplers for upper ocean trace metal monitoring.

The development of a mooring in Elkhorn Slough will be key to this work, permitting easy, rapid access to prototypes as they operate.

There will also be several medium term (~1 month) deployments of ISUS in Monterey Bay cold seeps to assess the feasibility of monitoring variations in seep flow.