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Dataprobe upgrades
Project Manager/Lead Engineer: Rich Schramm

The application named dataprobe continuously monitors the health of core MBARI data streams on both the R/V Pt. Lobos and the R/V Western Flyer. It performs over seventy specific tests on incoming data every two seconds. Dataprobe can alert the ROV pilots, scientists and IAG staff to problems and anomalies in the data in real-time so they can be quickly investigated. It also provides on-line troubleshooting help for each of the systems.

Numerous changes and additions have been made to the data systems on both vessels--such as the addition of doppler velocity log (DVL) and the logging of raw USBL datastreams. Dataprobe needs to be upgraded to catch-up to the changes and to make the troubleshooting documentation reflect current understanding. Scientists have also requested changes to the user-interface to make it more likely to be run on both ships.

Dataprobe will be modified so that parameters for tests can be configured using an XML-based configuration file, which will allow pilots to customize the application and alarm thresholds for their use.