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Data stream support
Project Manager: Kevin Gomes

Lead Scientist: Ken Johnson

The quality and availability of MBARI data streams and data archives are paramount. With the number of data sources increasing yearly, it is critical to be supporting these resources properly and consistently. This project will work to create software, processes, documentation, and training to improve management of data streams. The goals would be;:


  • An up-to-date inventory of data streams with accurate descriptions, and a simple (or even automated) update system

  • Uniform quality control and/or monitoring of data streams

  • Data streams that are easily accessible internally and externally (when appropriate)

  • Consistently managed institutional data streams and archives
  • A consistent way to visualize and access the data streams

The ultimate goal of this work is to create data streams that are well documented and understood, are easily accessible by anyone who has permission to use the data, consist of "quality controlled" data, and are constantly monitored for problems.