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Video Annotation and Reference System (VARS)
Project Manager: Nancy Jacobsen Stout
Lead Scientist: Kristine Walz
Lead Engineer: Dan Wilkin

Positive software developments of the past year show promise for the completion and release of the VARS system for regular operations in 2003. 

VARS work will be performed according to the priorities in the Task Prioritization Matrix. The released Query application will be joined by basic (Phase 2) knowledge base and annotation interfaces suitable for use in the video lab. The video lab will extensively test and use this software in the remainder of 2003, identifying the most significant issues to be corrected before release to the ships. Shipboard VARS use will be planned as a 2004 roll-out, based on the results with the basic software release.

The Query application will be made available for public use and comments, using non-embargoed annotations and low-resolution frame grabs. Requests for high-resolution images and video will continue to be handled by ITD through existing processes.