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Core navigation data
Project Manager/Lead Scientist: Dave Caress


The MDUC (mooring data users committee) project provides for the institutional support of core navigation data from MBARI ships and ROVs. This is a continuing project since 2001.


The usual elements of this project are:

  • Maintenance and minor development of software used for the processing and archiving of ROV and ship navigation.

  • Data archiving and dissemination through the expedition database.

  • Data validation through science data "champion".


In addition, for 2003 we propose a significant development and testing effort for ROV navigation:

  • Shipboard testing of real-time ROV navigation and logging of raw (unprocessed) navigation data.

  • Development of new algorithms for processing USBL + DVL ROV navigation.

  • Extension of the Expedition database to support multiple versions of processed ROV navigation.