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Benthic processes

Submarine volcanism
Project Manager: AlicÚ Davis
Lead Scientist: David Clague
Lead Engineer: John Graybeal

The Submarine Volcanism project has the broad goal to gain a better understanding of the processes that form and modify oceanic volcanoes. Research will continue in this direction with  focused mapping and sampling of some specific volcanic features. The MBARI work proposed over the next several years will continue to study mildly to moderately explosive eruptions on mid-ocean ridges (Gorda Ridge, East Pacific Rise), near-ridge seamounts (President Jackson, Vance, and Taney Seamounts), and on seamounts offshore central and southern California.

The project will also expand research into the realm of silicic submarine explosive eruptions by performing a few manipulative experiments using the ROVs, during the seamount dives in 2003. This will provide material for a longer term  program to experimentally determine many of the parameters that define submarine, silicic volcaniclastic deposits.