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AUV CTD time series 
Project Manager: Drew Gashler
Lead Scientist: Francisco Chavez

Lead Engineer: Tom O'Reilly

In 2003, MBARI will start conducting its first time series measurements of conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD) between fixed moorings using the Dorado autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). Shipboard CTD measurements will continue for the year until it is verified that the AUV has successfully replaced the ship surveys. The AUV surveys will also give MBARI valuable experience with the reliability and operations costs of using AUVs for routine surveys. The project goals are to:

  • Bring an engineering development into operational status;
  • Automate regular, sustained observations in Monterey Bay;
  • Increase the spatial resolution of regular and sustained observations, which will result in new discoveries of the local upwelling dynamics.