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MBARI ocean observing systems

Monterey accelerated research system (MARS)
Project Manager/Lead Engineer: Gene Massion

MBARI is a full partner with the University of Washington, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and researchers in Canada in the planning, engineering, and implementation of the NEPTUNE program. Each partner is accepting responsibility for leading the effort in different areas of the system design and execution. For its part, MBARI will be hosting the Monterey accelerated research system (MARS) test bed in Monterey Bay. MBARI is also contributing to NEPTUNE through the instrumentation software infrastructure project, autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) mapping, AUV docking, and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) cable laying. We will be using our unique relationship with the Monterey Bay Aquarium to test out some ideas for public outreach and education.

The MARS test bed will be a proof of concept of all aspects of NEPTUNE, including engineering, subsets of the science, marine operations, educational outreach, data management, and project management.