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MBARI ocean observing systems

MOOS shore side data system/data management
Project Manager: John Graybeal
Lead Scientist: John Ryan

The purpose of this project is to define and begin construction of the MBARI Ocean Observing System (MOOS) Shore-Side Data System (SSDS). In 2002 we expect to complete high-level requirements documentation and hold a review. The initial concept for the system will be developed and high-risk components will be investigated through initial prototype development and testing.

These critical and high-risk functions include

  • interfacing with the in-water data systems to obtain all the data and metadata,
  • developing systems to automatically manage these data streams, and
  • providing interoperability to support quality control, data blending, and other yet to be determined uses of the data.

The implementation plan will coordinate with MOOS science field experiments as well as other MOOS sub-projects.