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MBARI ocean observing systems

New mooring controller
Project Manager: Duane Edgington
Lead Engineer: Wayne Radochonski/Tim Meese

a) The primary goal is to replace the existing functionality supported by the OASIS controller, using modern hardware and software tools and techniques. It will use the StrongArm processor which will become the core processor for new instrumentation at MBARI and for MBARI Ocean Observing System (MOOS). The software will use embedded Linux, an emerging open source standard. The software will use object-oriented techniques.

b) The project has been coordinating with the Instrumentation Software Infrastructure (ISI) project and with MOOS, to serve as an incremental development toward the larger software architecture being proposed for MBARI. In this context, the program has experimented with forward-looking software design techniques and distributed-object network architectures.

c) 2002 is the year to move the new mooring controller (NMC) to full operational status. The plan includes:

  • Completion of software system (multiple housing configuration)
  • Implementation of all drivers needed for actual
  • Full operational test in parallel to existing mooring or drifter
  • Implementation and test of multiple electronics housing system system (up to 32 instrument configuration)
  • Transfer of NMC system to Support Engineering and Operations
  • Participate in build-up of operational NMC subsystems and components with Support Engineering and Operations
  • Continued coordination with ISI and MOOS efforts to ensure easy migration of hardware and software from NMC into MOOS
  • Coordination of NMC effort with any initiatives to upgrade or modify the shore-side data acquisition and processing system for mooring data
  • Publication and presentation of NMC at appropriate conference