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MBARI ocean observing systems

Instrumentation software infrastructure
Project Manager: Duane Edgington
Lead Engineer: Dan Davis/Tom O'Reilly

Work on the instrumentation software infrastucture (ISI) for 2002 includes planning for detailed implementation of core elements of the ISI (the infrastructure itself), as well as "reference designs" and proof of concept of other pieces of the MOOS software system, that prove out ISI concepts:

  • Prototype high risk implementation elements
  • Implement ISI framework
  • Device drivers for selected instruments, which stress different parts of the design. This work will be coordinated with New Mooring Control device driver work (planning to share code and effort)
  • Proof of concept communication infrastructure (low bandwidth radio to shore; satellite communication; high bandwidth cable communication). Not ISI product deliverables, but needed to test and prove out infrastructure.
  • Proof of concept applications for local storage, data acquisition, metadata acquisition, shore-side archive. Again, these are not ISI product deliverables, but are all needed to prove out the infrastructure.
  • Development of plug-and-work instrument interface electronics ("pucks") to prove concept.