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Joint projects MBA/MBARI
Project Manager/lead Scientist: George Matsumoto 

This proposal focuses on collaborative projects between the two sister institutions: Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) and MBARI with Randy Kochevar and George Matsumoto serving as the primary liaisons for each institution.

Year 2002 projects include two exhibits, a multi-media auditorium program, aquarium education programs, joint intern activities, and some collaborative research projects (on jellies, benthic tunicates, and hydrozoans).

  • Mysteries of the Deep exhibit.
  • A temporary exhibit Jellies opening Spring 2002 through November 2003.
  • The  auditorium program Exploring Monterey Canyon and a high definition video feature focused on jellies.

Preliminary discussions have identified the following resource needs:

  • Support for Mysteries of the Deep collections and maintenance.
  • Filming, video and content support for exhibits, marketing, public relations, and Exploring Monterey Canyon.
  • An analysis of the existing microwave system (documentation of existing system and survey of on/off status). 
  • Continued assistance from the MBARI Ocean Observatory staff for microwave installation and maintenance.
  • Continued support for the MBARI/MBA Research Fellow, Dr. Kevin Raskoff's work on jellies.
  • Access to MBA facilities by MBARI staff for research and equipment maintenance.
  • Participation in the 2003 Gulf of California Expedition 
  • NEPTUNE Educational Outreach.